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Balanseprat #12: Between estrogens and tough-guy hardcore

Balanseprat 23.05.19. To knyttede never.

Femme Brutal and Balansekunst are proud to present

"Between estrogens and tough-guy hardcore"

a talk on gender politics in the music industry, by Maja Hagedorn of Queers to the front Booking at KAFÉ HÆRVERK. (Hausmanns gate 34, Oslo) Maja will be on a speaking tour throughout this spring and has this to say about her talk:

“Trans*women in the punk scene – between hyper masculine Hardcore bands and toplessness the space often grows small for gender-nonconforming individuals, even though especially the punk scene should be an ideal space for free expression and diversity. As a trans*woman that spent most of her life as a cis-man I was able to get unique impressions of the vacuum between unambiguously male structures, pseudo-liberal venues and queer_feminist utopias.

From the topless live photo at age 15 in the local newspaper to a tour manager for queer_feminist artists – there’s much development to speak about: The split between the fondness of Hardcore-Punk and the longing for femininity, mansplaining, estrogene’s and the difficulty to make an existence within an anti-capitalist scene sustainable.

I want to provide insight into gender roles within the punk scene, share skills and speak about my development into professionally operating a political tour service. Together with you, I would like to contextualize experiences into political structures and learn from each other."

The talk is FREE, but you will need a ticket to the concert after: Femme Brutal: Josephine Foster (US) + Kristine Marie Aasvang.