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Gender Equality in Nordic Countries

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When: Saturday, October 7, 12–6 PM
Where: Finnish Institute in Saint Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya 8, 3rd floor

Gender equality is one of the most prominent aspects of the Nordic welfare model. Year after year, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland have been the leading countries in this field.

The long journey towards gender equality begun in Finland in 1906 when Finnish women – first in Europe – got the right to vote. Since that moment the Northern countries have been eager to proclaim gender equality in every sphere of society.

During the conference “Gender Equality in Nordic Countries”, which will be held in the Finnish Institute in Saint Petersburg, the representatives of political institutions and non-governmental organizations will talk about feminism in politics and culture and the factors that hold back the development of a society with equal rights for all.

12:00 Acting Director of the Finnish Institute — Mika Pylsy “Opening words”
12.15 General Consul of Finland — Anne Lammila "Gender Equality Now"
12.30 Leader of the Finnish Feminist Party — Katju Aro “A Need for Feminist Politics”

13.15 Coffee Break

13.45 Vice Director of the Danish Woman’s Society — Signe Vahlun "But We Have Gender Equality in Denmark?"
14.30 Project coordinator The Art of Balance — Siri Haugan Holden "Towards a diverse cultural life"

15.15 Chief Editor of magazine Tulva — Tero Kartastenpää “Editing a Feminist Magazine”
16.00 European University — Ekaterina Borozdina "Gender Equality and Gender citizenship in Russia»

Conference is free of charge but requires pre-registration in order to attend:

Watch the presentation: